Sponsorship Options

We need your support to make it happen.

North Coast Cycling attracts a variety of visitors to our area from 2 to 300 miles away.  We also get our message out to the local communities of the Chequamegon bay.  We use posters, mail, newsletters and social media sites on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and You tube.   Your active support enables North Coast Cycling to engage with the community of cyclists in our region and develop support and programming for more cycling options. Our promotion lasts beyond our events and continues throughout the year.  Below are some suggested levels of support. Call us at 531-333-3579 to customize a plan for your business. 

Benefactor: $1000.00 +

Sponsorship benefits:

  • A profile of your company or organization’s products and services on NCCA Website  Exclusive distinction on digital and print media and  in our correspondence to our current and prospective members throughout the region.
  • Premier logo placement on the website and in print media
  • A press package specifically tailored to your company or organization’s needs
  • Opportunities to advertise your company at all NCCA events and other benefits
  • Your Input into NCCA decisions on programs and events.

Business Sponsor: $500.00

Sponsorship benefits:

  • Space to feature photos, videos and information about your products and services 
  • Corresponding Facebook, Twitter and social media plugs for your company 
  • A logo and company blurb linked back to your website 
  • Your Input into NCCA Programs and events

Event Sponsor: $250

Sponsorship benefits:

Your Banner or promo material at the event site/s

  • Your listing, description, logo and website link on all Event materials. We are developing a new  website that will  improve your reach in the websphere. 
  • Company mentions on the NCCA Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Exclusive use of the NCCA program logos, stickers and related marketing materials

Friend of NCCA $50.00+

Sponsorship benefits:

  • Your logo on event materials and on our website
  • Facebook and Instagram links to your site.
  • Access to our online Sales and Swaps marketplace.
  • Information and updates on NCCA projects and activities.
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