Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League


Established in 2014, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League, a Chapter League of NICA, uses mountain biking as a youth development tool to build strong minds, bodies, character and community though cycling. 900+ highly trained volunteer coaches deliver programs to more than 1900 middle and high school student-athletes, on more than 80 teams in Wisconsin. Using methods based on our FIERC values of Fun, Inclusivity, Equity, Respect and Community, student-athletes learn bike handling skills and trail etiquette while creating a positive, accepting team culture in the outdoors where every athlete participates to the best of his/her/their ability. There are no bench players in mountain biking! 

Dollar diplomacy

Dollar diplomacy is an ongoing NCCA program of grants to individuals and
groups who are contributing to expanding the biking community. Grants are
modest and attempt to fill a need where funds are not readily available from
other sources. We support Community programs, Bike Infrastructure items
like bike racks, bike repair stands, and trail development.

Community Programs

NCCA volunteers have donated time and equipment to events at Red Cliff Nation, Bayfield, Washburn Elementary school, Ashland Parks and Rec, Ashland Ore Docker schoo and others. We support other projects as needed where funds are not readily available.

Some recent community grants: strider bikes for the Washburn elementary school; individual stipend for completing a bicycle repair certification course; and sponsoring educational events such as a visit by Mayor Don Ness of Duluth. We also provide matching grants for bike infrastructure, such as DNR stewardship grant for Washburn trail reconstruction, bike repair stations and bike racks.

Bike Repair Stands

We installed this Saris bike repair Station at the Red Cliff Legendary Waters Casino. Shown are representatives of the tribe, Legendary Waters and NCCA.

NCCA also contributed to a matching grant for bike repair stations in Ashland.

Bike Racks

Shown here the Beaver Hollow nature reserve in Russell. NCCA made a donation to cover a portion of the cost.

NCCA purchased and installed bike racks in Bayfield at the Gil Evans Ravine Trail and the Rec center. In Washburn at the Dupont Center, Chamber of Commerce office and Coco’s.


NCCA organized a DNR Stewardship grant involving City of Washburn, Washburn Inn, and NCCA. NCCA contributed matching funds plus in-kind title work, Washburn Inn contributed in-kind labor in the form of men and equipment and Washburn paid the balance to resurface the old rail corridor trail from 2nd AVE W to 11th AVE W. Total grant value approximately $24000.

NCCA also facilitated a donation from Don Ekstrom of 3000 feet of trail along E memorial trail, from Superior St to the ball fields for the City of Washburn. This trail segment will enable park and trail development on Washburn’s east end.

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