​​Cycling Wisconsin's North Coast on Beautiful Lake Superior !

About Us

A Note From Our Board

“It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.”

I would like to welcome first time and renewing members. Thank you for your support and efforts to create a group of cyclists that strive to make northern Wisconsin a great place to bike.

We need your membership to represent the many values that cycling brings to our community.

“Cycling Stronger Together”

Our History

During Spring of 2009, a core group of bikers initiated the idea of forming a cycling club. Motivation for this came from the fact that Bayfield and Ashland counties offer some of the best cycling in the state.

Since NCCA’s inception we have worked closely with governments, businesses, and communities to raise awareness about the importance of biking and biking infrastructure in our community. We have raised funds for a variety of community activities, trails, bike racks and bike repair stations.

NCCA Mission

To encourage everyone to ride bikes.

NCCA Vision

To Create an environment that supports and promotes safe bike riding for fitness, transportation and fun!

Our Goal


By working together with other groups and other communities, we all are ambassadors for the sport of biking. By speaking about biking at an event or celebration, people can understand the significance of biking as a life-long activity.
Sense of Community
Whether riding alone on a trail or on a group-sponsored ride, biking is an ideal way to connect with other people and the area we know and love. Through biking, people can feel a true sense of connection with others. It is a life-long activity that promotes healthy people and communities.
Make bike riding accessible and available to anyone, regardless of age or ability level. It promotes wellness and education, from the family with young children to people with physical disabilities. Biking creates a feeling of independence and connection to the outside world.

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